DIFFERENT EVERY WEEK, 12-18 different exercises each class. Different options available, Great tunes to keep you working. We take simple exercises and do many different variations, no equipment is necessary.


IMPROVES RUNNING FITNESS, Suitable for all fitness, Bodyweight exercises, Zoom classes, Benefit from Live Instructor. Working from home - Fit in the lunch time class. Wake up and workout, get your session done by 8.30am with the early wake up.


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Referrals and sign up form

Get a friend to sign up to one of my fitness classes, and you get a free class yourself, so get sharing, make sure they put you down on the sign up form.

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Lunch time and Morning Classes

The classes are designed to make you stronger and leaner. They exercise the muscles around the core, as well as the legs, chest and back. There is options with most exercises, which makes the class achievable and challenging to everyone. You will increase your core strength, tone your abs, legs and butts and also improve your posture. Core strength is vital in every part of your daily activities, as it plays an important part in lifting, bending, walking, moving and running. The class consists of a 5 minute warm up, a range of circuits and exercises lasting 30 minutes, and a cool down stretch. Follow on Facebook, instagram or join the mailing list to stay up to do date with the current schedule.

Outdoor Class and Evening Class

Similar to the morning and lunch time class. This class gives a more total body workout, with more focus on the legs, which is important for running fitness. The main bulk activity is also 40 rather than 30 minutes. Outside classes take place on fields, we do go down onto the grass for the last section of the class. The different options to the exercises allow you to work at different levels of intensity. No 2 classes are ever the same.

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Terms and Conditions

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