You just need to be in comfortable clothes, have some water near by, and a mat on the floor if you have a hardfloor.  There will be a 5 minute warm up at the start of the class and a stretch section at the end.  
The evening  and outside classes usually lasts around 50 minutes, whilst the early morning and lunch time class are 40 minute classes 
If you buy a class bundle when i send you the zoom link for the class i will let you know where you are with your bundle.
Please email, or message me directly on WhatsApp to book onto your classes.  If its your first class please fill in the sign up form first.  
I will send you details on how to pay when you book.
There will be a 5 minute warm up, raising the core body temperature, and getting the muscles ready for the workout.  This will be followed by the 30-40 minute workout.  There will then be some stretching at the end.
There will be a variety of different exercises moves, which will be completed for 30-45 seconds.  Each exercise will be repeated 3 times.  The class is in a circuit format, where there will be a set rest and recovery periods, which will be explained at the beginning of each class.
Most exercises will have different options available, so can be completed whatever your level of fitness.